The Sandvik Materials pod

Calling all material nerds!
Are you facing a working summer with less than inspirational coffee breaks? Are you going on vacation, but fearing the hammock might prove too much of a bore? We are now launching the Sandvik Materials Pod – a mini podcast making seasonal deep-dives into stainless technology.

Sandvik is publishing a series of technical articles, both on the website where they can be read and as a podcast where they can be heard. If, like us, you’re a bit of a materials nerd, don’t miss this!

Click on the links below to hear or read the four articles which will be published, one a week, in July and August.

E4. Bye-Bye Corrosion! - Molybdenum and tungsten in duplex steels

In my previous column, I promised to give an overview of the role of molybdenum and tungsten in duplex stainless steels (DSS). They are neighbors of chromium in the periodic table (Group 6B) and even more potent than chromium in preventing pitting, which is shown in the familiar PRE-relation: PRE = %Cr + 3.3×[%Mo + 0.5%W] + 16%N

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E3. Chrome It Up! - Chromium in duplex steels

Designing a steel that is stainless was considered impossible in the beginning of the 1900’s. A renowned German chemist, G Mars, maintained the opinion that creating a stainless steel is impossible because iron is not a noble metal and its oxides are thermodynamically more stable than the pure metal. The year was 1911 but, by the irony of fate, the two first stainless steels were launched the following year.

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E2. Steady On! - Nitrogen in duplex steels

Some nitrogen has been present in steel as long as steel-making has taken place. This has been unintentional and, in practice, there have been no means of removing or controlling the nitrogen concentration. It was not until the advent of modern process metallurgical techniques such as AOD, VOD and CLU during the 1970’s that nitrogen could be added to the steel melt in a controlled way and nitrogen, therefore, became an important alloying element.

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E1. Rock steady! - Nickel and manganese in duplex steels

In this series of articles, the role of the elements nickel, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen in the design of duplex stainless steels will be described. An optimum balance between austenite and ferrite is accomplished by a clever use of the alloying elements.

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