Three Sandvik Materials Technology engineers awarded 2012 Wilhelm Haglund Medal

Three engineers from Sandvik Materials Technology – Bertil Waldén, Ivan Machacek and Lars Östlund – were awarded the 2012 Wilhelm Haglund Medal in recognition of their pioneering contributions in the development of umbilical tubes in advanced stainless steel.

Ivan Machacek, Bertil Waldén and Lars Östlund received the Wilhelm Haglund medal of 2012. Photo: Jörgen Svendsen

"It's a great honor – it feels like we are getting Sandvik's own Nobel Prize," says Waldén.

With extensive materials experience, the three prizewinners together launched a comprehensive development program for umbilical tubing in the early 1990s.

Dynamic umbilical from Aker SolutionsTheir solution emerged from the oil and gas industry, which had been experiencing major problems with the tubing solution used at the time – reinforced plastic hoses. The hoses leaked and were generally unreliable. The industry turned to Sandvik for a solution.

At about the same time, Sandvik had developed Sandvik SAF 2507, a super-duplex stainless steel characterized by very high mechanical strength and excellent corrosion resistance. It had the bending and welding properties required for umbilical tubing and performed successfully in aggressive, chloride-rich subsea environments. Since then, the product has enjoyed strong demand from the oil and gas industry.

Sandvik has become the global market leader in stainless steel umbilical tubing primarily due to its capability of adapting products to the needs of the subsea installation companies. Meeting the tough quality demands of the oil and gas industry as well as supporting customers in technical matters has also played an important role in its leadership position.

About the Wilhelm Haglund Medal

The Medal is presented by the Sandvik Group to recognize the contributions made by an employee, or group of employees, that may be of commercial importance to the Group. The award consists of an 18 carat gold medal, a diploma and a study trip, whose aim and extent are determined by the jury consisting of Sandvik's CEO Olof Faxander, a Union representative and three experts. All employees within the Sandvik Group are eligible to receive the award as well as nominate colleagues.

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