Sandvik material makes the difference for Swedish Steel Yacht

A steel-boat prototype, the Swedish Steel Yacht, manufactured in its entirety using Sandvik's advanced stainless steel Sandvik SAF 2507™, is on display for the first time today to a specially invited group of stakeholders, including representatives from the Swedish Armed Forces.

What is unique and attractive about the boat to stakeholders such as the police, armed forces, and pilotage and sea-rescue services, is that it is lighter than traditional aluminum boats, consumes half as much fuel and has major environmental benefits, while being extremely durable. The secret behind the boat's advantageous properties are directly attributable to the material used, Sandvik SAF 2507™.

"The material does make a difference. Swedish Steel Yacht's advanced concept for light steel-boat construction is based on a thin hull with internal ship-length reinforcements tasked with maintaining the boat's form. Without these materially strong components, the thin hull would easily be buckled by the loads it would be subjected to on the rough seas," explains Håkan Rosén, the man behind the design of the Swedish Steel Yacht (SSY).

Sandvik SAF 2507™ is ideal for use in the yacht's reinforcements, and the material's strength and pliability help to minimize the weight of the boat. Sandvik SAF 2507™ is also a steel grade that displays excellent properties against corrosion and fatigue. It is a tough and resistant material that is also used for highly demanding applications in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Environmental benefits

There appears to be great interest in the boat. (Image, 605 kB)The material also carries benefits for the environment. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant properties of the stainless steel, the superior surface is durable and thus inhibits the growth of marine organisms. This means that the hull does not require treatment or painting.

The boat is manufactured entirely from Sandvik's patented material, Sandvik SAF 2507™. The external surface is manufactured and delivered under license from Outokumpu, while Sandvik delivers the boat's details, such as strip steel for hull reinforcements, welding wire, tubes and propeller-shaft rods.

The partnership between Sandvik and Swedish Steel Yacht (SSY) was initiated a couple of years ago, when a number of contractors were given the opportunity to test their business ideas on Sandvik. Pasi Kangas, Head of Research and Development at Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT), was also present at the meeting. Since then, SMT has had regular contact with Swedish Steel Yacht and assisted them with advice, materials expertise and technical know-how.

"This is extremely interesting for Sandvik. It means that we are broadening the field for duplex steel, since boatyards represent a new application area," explains Pasi Kangas, Head of Research and Development at Sandvik Materials Technology, who participated in the demonstration of the new steel boat.

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