New web portal dedicated to hydraulic & instrumentation tubing

Sandvik is launching a new portal on its website dedicated to hydraulic & instrumentation tubing and challenging the question, "A tube is a tube, right?"

"Within the new portal we discuss the reasons why Sandvik is setting a higher standard for the industry to ensure our customers have complete peace of mind when specifying and installing tubing for hydraulic and instrumentation applications" said Andreas Furukrona, Sandvik Global Product Manager, Hydraulic and Instrumentation Tubing.

"We want people in the industry to fully understand the standard of tubular products they are buying and subsequently appreciate the operational limitations of lower quality tube."

What the new portal does is to provide all the detail behind the quality and consistency of material and to explain how Sandvik delivers seamless tube that sets a higher standard. A significant factor is the company's ability to supply consistent tube quality, chemical composition, corrosion resistance, cleanliness, hardness control and dimensional tolerances, batch after batch, ensuring operational reliability and performance standards are never compromised. It emphasizes the fact that changes in the chemical composition, such as levels of nickel, chromium and molybdenum can significantly affect the performance of tubes in a process plant or on an offshore platform even compromising the operational reliability.

While providing detailed technical information and product data the new, user-friendly portal contains specific sections for individual industries, such as petrochemical and oil & gas, as well as a distributors section. All are interspersed with informative downloads.


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