Growing trend to energy efficient compressors is reflected in demand for Sandvik advanced strip steel

The drive to reduce energy usage has resulted in many refrigerator and air conditioning manufacturers, including LG, sourcing alternative high efficiency materials for their new low energy applications.

"At Sandvik we are already seeing that over 30% of compressor manufacturers are choosing to use Sandvik Hiflex® in their advanced, energy efficient compressor models," explained Stefan Jonsson, Senior Application Specialist (compressor steel segment) at Sandvik.

The material is allowing the development and production of next generation, energy efficient compressors. It is also facilitating increased operational frequency resulting in smaller, more reliable compressors for refrigeration applications and air conditioning.

Nowhere is the growing trend more apparent than in the highly advanced linear inverter compressors developed by LG and used across its range of high efficiency, low energy refrigerators and freezers. It was the material's ability to meet LG's requirement of increased strength with improved damping and extended reliability that made the material an obvious choice. Now, LG specifies the Sandvik material across its entire range of products.

"It is quite interesting that such relatively small parts of the compressor, both in size and costs, play such a vital role in the performance of the compressor."

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