AquaSan Ni50 – the safe alternative for underwater wet welding

AquaSan Ni50

For welding carbon and high tensile steels in a wet environment, many companies are still using cofferdams and habitats. These are costly to build and performing welding operations inside these boxes is an unpopular job. Sandvik is now introducing a new grade for underwater wet welding – a safer and less expensive method.

AquaSan Ni50 – a low risk solution

AquaSan Ni50 nickel alloy electrodes are specified for welding base materials with a carbon equivalent (CE) of >0.40. The risk of hydrogen embrittlement is eliminated due to the diffusion rate of hydrogen through the nickel.

Used in the nuclear and ship repair industries

AquaSan Ni50 can be used for welding in wet environments in a wide range of applications in the nuclear sector, such as water cooling pumps, spent fuel pool liners, transfer tunnels, and various systems.

Certified for wet welding at depths of 50 feet, AquaSan Ni50 is also increasingly chosen for welding repairs to all types of ocean-going vessels, and oil rigs where high CE steels are required. Avoiding the necessity of building cofferdams and habitats will enable a quicker and safer repair process, saving both time and expense.

The materials you need

Sandvik offers a complete program of cost-saving products for welding austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels and nickel alloys. The products are characterized by chemical composition within close tolerances and consistency between heats and batches, contributing to trouble-free welding and high-quality welding joints.