‘Track and Trace’ service app launched to support customers’ operations

A ‘Track and Trace’ service app that keep tabs on orders, from just before shipping through to delivery, has been launched by Sandvik. The app is a useful tool for the customer to free up time in their day-to-day purchasing operations.

The ‘Track and Trace’ service app (available for download on iPhone and Android) was developed by Sandvik to enable customers to keep track of their orders: from the distribution centers in Sandviken, Sweden, and Venlo in the Netherlands, right through to the final destination. The app provides information about calculated shipping route, estimated time of arrival, number of packages and weight of delivery.

“Track and Trace automatically sends any status updates directly to the phone as soon as changes are made, so users don’t have to make a call to check on their orders. We are confident that customers will find this a particularly useful tool as part of their day-to-day purchasing operations,” says Björn Larsson, Nordic Regional Sales Director, tube products.

A premium account offering a range of extra services is available. It includes an automatic order subscription connected to the customer number within the feed, and can just be added to start the tracking. Also featured are additional shipping documents and notification function.

“These days most customers expect to be able to track their orders in an easy and accurate way. Our Track and Trace app means they can follow their orders and see the anticipated route and estimated arrival time. Even the number of packages they can expect to receive, and the weight is all information that can be easily accessed,” says Björn Larsson.

He added: “We believe this is a fantastic addition to our digital offering and look forward to developing this concept on an ongoing basis together with our customers.”