Sandvik and Jiuli to collaborate on Sanicro® 25

Sandvik and Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals are entering into a partnership for the supply of Sanicro® 25 high alloy, austenitic stainless-steel tube to specifically target the expanding market for low emission coal fired power generation.

This new arrangement will see Sandvik developing a strategic partnership with Jiuli to secure a strong portfolio supply train and market penetration for the product. The key purpose of the arrangement is to place manufacturing close to the end-user market, specifically targeted growth markets of China and India, while optimizing production of Sanicro 25 tube and thus offering a range of environmental benefits to reduce CO2 emissions.

Sanicro 25 is an alloy that has been developed exclusively by Sandvik for application as a high-performance superheater tube to deliver high efficiency, ultra-supercritical coal fired power generation. Its creation came about from Sandvik’s desire to solve today’s energy needs, while at the same time keeping costs down and reducing CO2 emissions. The material is to be used for a range of new and upgrade projects in China and this new initiative will enable easy access to the product for customers and in turn their end users throughout the region.

The partnership, which applies to Sanicro 25 for coal fired plants only and no other products, is to be managed by a steering committee of representatives from each company, who will oversee the technical marketing and operational activities to ensure that the partnership delivers according to the industry’s needs. During the transition phase, production of Sanicro 25 will continue at the Sandviken manufacturing plant in Sweden. Subsequently, Sandvik will supply pre-material to Jiuli, which in turn with their large-scale production will be responsible for the tube product finishing.

Michael Andersson, Vice President Sandvik Materials Technology, said: “We believe this to be an innovative partnership whereby our two companies will cooperate to achieve a series of common goals from a business point of view, for our customers and for the environment”.

Denny Lee, President of Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals: “We are looking forward to a successful cooperation. Through this cooperation, both companies can increase mutual trust. Jiuli and Sandvik can maximize the strengths to provide better products and service to our customers”.

Sanicro 25 offers optimum strength with higher temperatures and has robust resistance to corrosion, making it particularly suitable for high volume power generation. It meets all international approvals including European Particular Material Appraisal, VdTÜV material data sheet 555, 09.2008, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and China Pressure Vessel Approval CSCBPV BV-ME-210.

Press release

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