Supporting growth in the African oil and gas market

There’s a high degree of optimism that the African oil and gas industry will see significant growth in the next few years as an increasing number of discoveries are identified and exploited.

Established producing countries such as Libya, Algeria and Egypt in the north, and South Africa, have been joined by countries like Mauritania and Senegal in the west and Mozambique and Tanzania in the east. Elsewhere, new plays in countries such as onshore Kenya are rubbing shoulders with long-standing deepwater developments offshore Nigeria and Angola.

As a developer and producer of advanced stainless steels, special alloys, titanium and other high performance materials, Sandvik has prioritized the African oil and gas industry as a major growth market for many years.

Our oil and gas product portfolio is well suited to Africa’s diverse challenges and includes control lines that are highly resistant to pressure, high temperature and adverse conditions; umbilical tubes with high corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties; and downhole casing and production tubing (OCTG) that can cope with aggressive environments found in sour wells.

We’ve delivered key projects in West, East and North Africa and see opportunities to further expand the supply of our oil and gas product portfolio, particularly our range of control and chemical injection lines, which are ideal for use in the West African deepwater subsea environment.

We recognized a need to increase our local presence and expertise in Africa and we’re delighted to announce the appointment of Ezenna Okolie as our new business development manager, based in Lagos.

With an M.Sc. in corrosion control engineering, Ezenna will develop Sandvik’s oil and gas business in the sub Saharan Africa region. From his previous roles, he has many years of experience working with projects that involved the use of Sandvik’s corrosion resistant alloys and therefore has a sound knowledge of our products.

Ezenna’s appointment will enable us to support our key end users and suppliers with Sandvik materials, expertise and knowledge, to be a vital part of your team and to further grow our activities in Africa.

Contact Ezenna at to discuss how we can deliver pioneering solutions for you.

By Phil Cherrie, Regional Sales and Marketing Director, Oil & Gas,
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Sandvik