Showing the world that driving with Hydrogen is a reality

Sandvik was one of the sponsors in Impact Coatings’ participation in the 24-Hour Hydrogen Challenge on September 28-29. The competition took place in conjunction with the f-cell conference in Stuttgart, Germany, and is a race for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). The aim is to show the world that driving with Hydrogen is already a reality and that Hydrogen refueling stations are in place. The sponsored company Impact Coatings, a Swedish fuel cell technology company, was driving a Hyundai NEXO in the race. During the 24-hour competition the car visited hydrogen and fuel cell industry players in the Southern Germany-Switzerland-Austria region.

Participation in the competition was coordinated with a charity fundraiser, to sponsor the fuel cell car during the race. All contributions from sponsors were donated in full to the World Childhood Foundation, altogether €6,000. Besides Sandvik, the car was also sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company, Nilsson Energy, Gränges, Vätgas Sverige, NEL. Vattenfall and Cell Impact.

"Sandvik was one of the sponsors in Impact Coatings’ participation in the 24-Hour Hydrogen Challenge that took place in Germany on September 28-29. Co-drivers in the car were Will Wright, VP Sales Impact Coatings and Alx Danielsson, former F1 test driver and motor-sports commentator on Eurosport."

About fuel cells

A fuel cell is an energy converter that can be used to make electricity and heat from hydrogen. The energy conversion takes place without any combustion and the only emission from a hydrogen fuel cell is pure water. That means, for example, that using hydrogen with fuel cell technology radically reduces local emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions from vehicles. Sandvik contributes to the advancement of fuel cell technology with both our advanced materials and our deep technical knowledge in materials. Our production and coating technology make the fuel cell plates more durable and efficient compared to other methods of production. Our unique large-scale production plant for coated strip can also reduce costs for fuel cell manufacturers.