Sandvik’s Nuclear Core: Meet the Team – Jerry Dougherty

Meet the core of Sandvik’s nuclear division–our team. In our new Nuclear Core series, we’ll introduce the faces behind this team and hear their insights on the nuclear industry.

Can you describe your history at Sandvik?

I have worked for Sandvik for almost 37 years now. I was first hired as a materials analysis engineer in the materials lab by Dr. Bengt Berg, handling chemical analysis and testing. I worked my way up to becoming the first quality assurance (QA) manager of PEXCO, our extrusion facility. I really enjoyed my years there as we built the entire quality program from scratch and trained a new workforce. In 2013, I moved to my current role as a nuclear sales manager for the Americas.

Over the years, I’ve been in the first Sandvik Phillip Crosby Quality College Training class, the first DDI Leadership Training Class, and was part of a team that won the “Order of the Year” award for Sandvik Tube. I’ve been fortunate to develop some great relationships with my colleagues and customers in these roles during my tenure. I plan to retire in the next year!

Where do you see the nuclear industry going in the future?

While some developing countries (emerging markets) will build large civil nuclear power plants in the coming years, the new growth and development for the nuclear industry will be in the building of small modular reactors (SMRs). The new reactor designs are smaller, safer, and more financially feasible for investment, allowing them to be used in more remote access areas. They can also be built faster and will be used for much more than just electricity generation. Some examples include desalination and hydrogen production.

Additionally, new fuels are in development to further reduce and allow for re-use or elimination of nuclear waste, furthering nuclear power as a zero-emission clean energy option, which is important and positive for climate change.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the nuclear industry?

Start by learning about Sandvik’s manufacturing processes and materials tests used for the manufacture of nuclear tubing. Get to know your products and processes first, then move on to the market and customers. The design and deployment of small modular reactors (SMR’s) are now underway, so get to know these new designs and how their components (steam generators, fuel tubes, coolant pumps, etc.) interface with Sandvik’s nuclear business and materials needs. Also, in this world of climate change debate, understand and promote the positive future nuclear power provides for all of us wanting cleaner energy sources.

Do you have any plans for your upcoming retirement?

I enjoy golfing, so I will golf quite a lot. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to travel with my wife of 35 years, Renee, and spend more time with our three children and five grandchildren.

What will you miss about Sandvik?

I will miss all the people I’ve met and created great working relationships with over the years. I’ll also miss the international travel that I’ve been fortunate enough to do in my roles over these many years. It’s a great experience to visit Sandviken, Sweden, and many other cities across the world, including Stockholm, London, Beijing, Toronto, Paris, and many others.

Would you recommend a career at Sandvik?

Yes! Sandvik is a well-respected international company, and it’s large enough to allow for great career flexibility and opportunity. Sandvik presented many opportunities and challenges for me and took a risk on me to manage many key areas of the business over the past 37 years. For this, I will forever be grateful.

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Jerry Dougherty
Regional Sales Manager
Business Unit:
Clarks Summit, PA, USA