Sanicro® 35: A Bridge to New Applications

Sanicro® 35 is a new super-austenitic stainless steel alloy that bridges the property gaps between stainless steels and costly nickel alloys.

But it’s bridging more than just material property gaps; it’s also a bridge to new opportunities.

With excellent mechanical properties, extremely high corrosion resistance, and good weldability, Sanicro® 35 is suitable for a range of applications and products including:

  • Hydraulic and instrumentation (H&I) tubing
  • Heat exchangers

Below are some of the applications in which Sanicro® 35 can offer the best of both worlds for price and performance.

Extreme Applications

Sanicro® 35 is a versatile new grade option for hydraulic and instrumentation (H&I) tubing in the subsea and offshore sectors. It is designed to handle extreme oil and gas applications like wellhead panels and X-mas trees. It can also be used in almost any long line carrying hydraulics and fluids, such as marine applications (shipping, offshore, wind, power, etc.) or in the petrochemical and chemical industries.

To help with a variety of the extreme applications above, Sanicro® 35:

  • Can be used in a wide range of temperatures from cryogenic to 450°C
  • Passes similar tests in natural and chlorinated seawater, like Alloy 625
  • Can replace many grades, including 6Mo alloys, Alloy 825, and Alloy 625

Corrosive Applications

As a super-austenitic alloy, Sanicro® 35 is designed to broaden aggressive corrosion performance. For heat exchangers, Sanicro® 35 offers an excellent price-performance ratio, and it is able to balance out performance fluctuations, minimize risks, and extend the lifecycle when battling corrosion.

Sanicro® 35 is a superior choice for corrosive applications like heat exchangers because it has:

  • A critical pitting corrosion resistance nearly double that of 6Mo grades
  • A critical crevice temperature comparable to Alloy C-276
  • 35% nickel content, which leads to a balanced chemistry and high structural stability
  • Very high stress corrosion cracking resistance

Are you ready to bridge the gaps for your applications? Learn more about Sanicro® 35 here.

Andreas Furukrona, Product & Team Manager