Moving our H&I stock closer to our customers

By Andreas Furukrona, Product Manager Application Tubing BU, EMEA
& Arco van Heusden, Logistic Manager, BU EMEA

We will be transferring our master stock of hydraulic and instrumentation (H&I) tubing from Sandviken, Sweden to our refurbished Distribution Center in Venlo (DC Venlo), in The Netherlands.

The move follows our earlier decision to transfer production of our H&I tubing from Sandviken to our upgraded production facilities in Chomutov, Czech Republic. With the master stock moving to DC Venlo, our H&I stock will be closer to the new production site and our customers.

DC Venlo has excellent connections to the rest of Europe and beyond, meaning you can expect faster deliveries to a wide range of locations, including EMEA, Asia Pacific, and India. By making our materials more readily available from a central European location, we aim to reduce customer lead times.

Shorter delivery routes will also benefit the environment through reduced vehicle emissions. DC Venlo, which had undergone a major refurbishment and upgrade, stocks more than 8,000 products and is well prepared to stock our H&I tubes too.

The transition is currently being carried out by our logistics team at DC Venlo and our Application Tubing team in the EMEA region. Everything will be fully in place and ready to go in the second half of 2022.

By moving our H&I stock closer to our customers, we amplify their possibilities, empowering them to fulfill – and even exceed – their productivity and performance expectations.

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Name: Andreas Furukrona
Title: Product Manager & Manager Sales Support
Business Unit: Application Tubing
Location: EMEA

Name: Arco van Heusden
Title: Logistic Manager
Business Unit: Application Tubing
Location: EMEA