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Sandvik and the history of duplex

stainless steel tends not to generate too much public controversy, but I recall an ongoing argument back in the early 90’s in the letters pages of Stainless Steel ... seamless tubes shouldn’t be underestimated. Even though Sandvik 3RE60 was not the first ever duplex stainless steel, it was most likely one of the first

Ribbon wire

All alloys listed on the medical wire materials page can be provided in ribbon form. The alloy or base metal material can be supplied with or without a ... nickel or silver plating or provided with an oxidized surface layer (when not a noble metal). Mechanical properties can be modified through various heat

Sandvik sets the pace at Gastech 2019

colleagues. “We know that selecting the best tube material for H&I applications is not an easy process as there are many aspects that need careful attention. The ... questions or queries visitors to our stand may have and how we can help. Not only in meeting their requirements but with solving any specific corrosion

Accessibility statement

Contents of this page Accessibility goals Help and usage tips Printing Text size New windows Keyboard shortcuts Guidelines Accessibility goals All information ... make web browsers format each page for printing automatically. There is no special "printer friendly" version of each page. All you have to do is use your

Alloys and compositions

Metal powder in a wide range of alloys Metal ... steels Master alloys MCrAlY alloys Nickel alloys Super alloys Tool steels The pages listed above contain details of our more popular products, however our full ... extensive. Contact us if you are interested in an alloy that is not included in these pages.

Material modeling and simulations

accurate simulation results. Our material data model is empirically well founded and based on thousands of tests to ensure that all non-linear aspects are ... in most FEM software are usually based on generic stainless steel and do not take specific grades into account. A generic model just won't give you as

Hardening guide

Hardening guide for knife steels Hardening guide for knife steels The way to the perfect knife Sandvik's hardening guide provides ... hardening programs for different Sandvik knifesteels together with graphs. The 40 page handbook is available in our webshop. Sandvik knife steels The Sandvik program


terms of brightness and color. Stainless steels are not usually color tempered and are, therefore, not delivered in codes 6 and 7. Surface appearance Code ... stylus instrument. The relevant terminology and measuring methods can be found in EN ISO 4287 and EN ISO 4288. Surface roughness Class Class limit Ra µm

Talk to a welding expert

problem or question as detailed as possible, via the contact form on our home page. Your message will be redirected to the most knowledgeable person in that ... results or new ways forward. Some examples are: Welding of stainless material not previously welded by you Welding two different materials: choice of filler

Sandvik awarded The Best Innovators of the year in Czech Republic

recognized our company's attitude and mindset towards innovations. We would not be able to defend our position on the market without a strong innovation culture" ... The tradition of metallurgy goes back to 1887 when the Mannesman brothers founded the first tube mill. Having supplied more than 300 million feet (100 million