Bar and hollow bar

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Bar and hollow bar

We provide an extensive range of stainless bar and hollow bar for machining. Our program also includes hollow drill steel for the manufacturing of top-hammer rock drill rods.

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Sanmac technology

Sanmac® is our family of machinability-improved stainless steels. Six different perspectives highlight the real benefits and advantages of using Sanmac® materials.

The aim for any component manufacturer is to maximize the value added time, and generate earnings for operations performed.

Five aspects define the productivity in your machines: high cutting data, tool-life, energy consumption, chip breaking and surface finish.

Minimize downtime, maximize utilization, enable standardization and reduce component costs. A higher volume of desired quality products at a lower cost is expected.

Why is a short setup time so important? Higher machine utilization, quicker batch changes, less wastage of trial components and reusability of cutting data programs.

Machining stainless and duplex stainless steels is a challenge due to the high strength of the material. And chip-breaking is closely related to the microstructure. So, how can we help you improve?

Are there differences between materials, if they all fulfill the same standard? UNS and EN standards for chemical composition allow a wide tolerance, but we never aim for the lower end of these tolerances.

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Calculate possible savings by switching from solid bar to Sanmac® hollow bar.