Chemical compatibility assessment

Need to know when a particular material is suitable for an intended environment? Already have stainless equipment in your process and want to know if you can use a different fluid or gas in it? Same stainless equipment and same chemicals but you want to change the process and increase the temperature?

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If you answered yes to any of the above questions then our chemical compatibility assessment service will support you in the decision process with accurate information and recommended actions.

It's possible to reduce risks associated with new chemicals, new materials or new operating parameters significantly to avoid shorter service life, leakages, EHS-issues and income loss due to forced outage and costly rebuilds later on.

Create and perform a test program

Establishing what to test and how to test is crucial to creating high quality reports for decision support. Tests should be carried out in such a way that results are representative for the actual decision you are about to make.

At Sandvik, we have gathered so much material data and long term experience from many materials and applications, that it is often possible to make an accurate initial assessment without the need to do actual time consuming and costly testing. Our knowledge can reduce delivery time from weeks to days and cut costs significantly.

Assessment of test results

Two strong reasons in favor of engaging Sandvik are that we experts in stainless materials such as austenitic, ferritic, duplex, super-duplex and hyper-duplex steels and nickel alloys. Our assessment services also provide more than simply test results. We know most stainless applications, can put test results into context and can recommend solutions on a material issue.

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