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Do you want to meet up with Sandvik's stainless steel experts for two days?

You will learn about stainless steel and get a deeper understanding of when stainless steel is the right choice in your business. You will have the opportunity to discuss the possibilities and limitations of stainless steel with our experts.

Our training courses will be beneficial for anyone coming into contact with stainless steel, whether you are an engineer, technician, purchaser, project manager or working in sales and marketing.

Content description

The two-day training course includes lectures by Sandvik's experts on the following subjects:

  • What is steel?
  • Stainless steel
  • Corrosion of stainless steel
  • High temperature properties of stainless steel
  • Materials selection and standards
  • Forming of stainless steel
  • Welding of stainless steel
  • Machining of stainless steel

After the course you will have a basic knowledge of steel and especially stainless steel. You will be able to identify when different types of stainless steel can be used and have a good understanding of corrosion, forming, welding and machining of stainless steels.

Full details on classroom training courses can be found at the Materials Academy.