Smarter. Faster. Better. If you are producing components for batteries or various electronic applications, you might be looking for new ways to save costs in production and boost product performance. One solution is our smarter coatings concept, Santronic™, which provides industrial-scale coils of pre-coated strip steel with a wide range of coatings and base materials, depending on your application.

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Examples of applications include:

  • Button cell battery housings
  • Battery springs
  • Connectors
  • Contact springs
  • Tactile domes

By combining an advanced vacuum process with nanotechnology, we can produce strip steel with consistent coating layers in nanometer scale. Santronic™ pre-coated strip is coated on one side at a time, which makes it possible to combine different coatings on opposite sides, depending on the application. This gives tremendous benefits compared to conventional coating in terms of both process advantages and outstanding product performance.

Thanks to the excellent adhesion, Santronic™ pre-coated strip steel can be bent and formed without delamination.

Benefits of using Santronic™ pre-coated strip

  • Excellent stamping and forming properties
  • Faster stamping operation, no need for batch coating operations
  • Less tool wear
  • Simplified logistics, less material in work
  • Narrow coating tolerances