Corrosion test coupons

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Testing corrosion coupons can help you:

  • Increase understanding of corrosion mechanisms
  • Compare corrosion resistance and performance between different materials
  • Support calculations on the remaining life time of equipment in use with corrosive media
  • Identify the type of corrosion activity in a system

Types of corrosion coupon

We supply two types of corrosion coupon:

  • Reference coupons are made from Sandvik seamless stainless tubes, flattened, heat treated, pickled, drilled, tumbled and laser marked. Corrosion coupons are then delivery tested as quality assurance
  • Tube coupons are made from Sandvik seamless stainless tubes cut into smaller pieces, drilled, tumbled and laser marked

Corrosion coupons are also available with welds

Material datasheets

Sandvik's material datasheets apply also to our corrosion coupons. For detailed information on a particular grade, visit the Materials center.

Welds are made with Sandvik's recommended welding method and welding procedure. Sandvik filler materials are used.

All coupons are sold in our webshop and can be shipped globally.