Material failure analysis

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Analyzing the material can provide information about conditions the material has been exposed to. It is, in a way, comparable to a forensic investigation at a crime scene - it can give you clues to what has happened and in some cases also find the perpetrator.

Failure types

We have extensive knowledge on almost all types of failures that can occur in stainless steels and high performance alloys:

  • Corrosion (wet and high temperature)
  • Erosion and wear
  • Cracking
  • Creep (high temperature)
  • Fatigue (static and dynamic load)
  • Deformation
  • Welding issues

Test and assessment program

Due to the nature of each specific material failure, the analysis process may be slightly different, but common procedures are:

  • Sending material samples to one of our labs
  • Visual inspection by one or several material experts, including a group discussion
  • Creation of test and analysis programs
  • Sample preparation (cutting, machining, etc.)
  • Material identification (PMI-testing, material certification and specification validation)
  • Execution of a project specific analysis program (normally including advanced microscopy technology such as SEM)
  • Assessment of results by a group of material experts
  • Technical report explaining why the material failed and recommended actions to prevent future material failures

Delivery resources

We have one of the world's largest research and testing facilities for stainless steels, located in Sandviken, Sweden. For support with material failure investigations please contact us.