Material selection

A very common approach to material selection is not to make an active choice but to use the same stainless material everywhere, since it simplifies engineering, fabrication and sourcing. However, this can often create material related issues during operation that can lead to equipment failure with loss of production, costly downtime and safety hazards. If the component is critical to operations, material selection must be made with care.

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Balancing the needs of an operation (low risk of failure, long lifetime) with manufacturing risks and procurement cost is difficult. This requires a deep understanding of application requirements and materials and their manufacturability and availability.

Materials and shapes

We have extensive knowledge on almost all types of stainless steels and other high performance materials such as nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium.

We know basic shapes such as bar, tube, strip and wire. More importantly, we also know how to evaluate equipment and components made with welds, bent into shapes, machined and heat treated.

Assessment and delivery resources

Our expertise in stainless includes materials, manufacturing and way of working. Delivery resources include hundreds of stainless experts and several laboratories in Sweden and other countries.

Deliverable is commonly a technical report that can be used for material decision support for your stainless product or component.

Full stainless life cycle support

To mitigate technical risks associated with choosing a new and more advanced stainless material in your own and subcontracted fabrication and maintenance, we are with you all the way with our complete life cycle offering of stainless services.