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Depending on your requirements, our specifications and procurement support includes services such as:

Material specifications and standards support

Are you planning for new equipment and need support to decide material specifications? We know from experience that it's very easy to create a specification that is too narrow. This can lead to costly and time-consuming manufacturing issues. We can help you to write an appropriate material specification for your specific operation, where the tolerances are wide enough to manufacture the component more cost-effectively, yet close enough to handle your operations.

Supplier and sub-contracting quality evaluation support

Are you planning on engaging a supplier or subcontractor, and want a second opinion to ensure that they have the right capabilities to provide the required quality and that they can meet specifications? We can help you to evaluate suppliers and sub-contractors in terms of material processing capabilities. It is a cost-effective way to avoid expensive and time-consuming problems that can occur after an agreement has been signed. We can also help you to audit an existing supplier to evaluate their existing material processing and recommend improvements in their process in order to increase product quality and reduce cost warranty claims.

Way of working

Contact us with a short description of your requirements. We will contact you shortly thereafter with a description of how to proceed.