Life cycle assessments

At Sandvik, we continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact. Many of our customers do too, and together we can make a difference.

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With the Life Cycle Assessment services, we can provide you with a cradle-to-gate assessment for your Sandvik steel. This includes the global warming potential for everything from recycled materials and additional alloys, steelworks, melting, hot and cold working, transports, electricity, water use and more, until the product leaves the Sandvik gate.

Why it’s wise to choose Sandvik as your partner

Steel production at Sandvik in Sweden has a comparably low environmental footprint for several reasons:

  • Our production is based on recycled materials
  • Electricity mix of hydropower and nuclear
  • Rigid environmental legislation for pollution to air and water
  • Numerous projects ongoing to reduce emissions every year

Life Cycle Assessment offering

  • One-page certificate
    Global Warming Potential (GWP) according to ISO 14025 for the order and annual average level of recycled steel.
  • Extended LCA report
    10–15 different environmental data values related to emissions, water use, toxicity and more.
  • Data files (from GaBi software)
    If you are using the GaBi software and would like to make calculations of their products with Sandvik data.
  • Customized reports
    Tell us what you need.

Upon request, we can also offer a third-party validation by IVL (The Swedish Environmental Institute).

How to order

If you want to order a Life Cycle Assessment service with your product order, ask your sales representative to add the service of choice to your quotation. You will then get a key code that can be redeemed in the Service portal

You can also order a Life Cycle Assessment service directly in the Service portal