New development

Developing new stainless steel applications often includes challenging requirements such as increased strength and compact designs, combined with reduced production cost. It might feel a bit lonely at times.

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If so, team up with us! Our experienced material engineers will help you take a major leap forward and develop innovative solutions beyond the requirements of today. Through the Sandvik Stainless Service organization you also get access to Sandvik’s comprehensive supply chain, from research and engineering design, all the way to commercial production.

  • Project management
  • Material and specification selection
  • Material modelling & design support
  • Prototyping, test production
  • New materials & optimizations
  • Testing & verification

You might have an efficient project management organization in place, with a project manager ready to take on your development project. If not, we can take care of your project from idea to final prototype or full-scale production regardless of size and complexity.

Our skilled and experienced project managers work closely together with you to ensure that the project delivers cost efficient and high-quality results every step of the way – on time and on budget. This includes matters such as cost estimates, risk management, feasibility studies, analyses and frequent follow-up throughout the process, but also to administer, plan and coordinate the project according to your requirements.

Each project is unique. We know that, and therefore there is no generic answer to way of working or duration. It depends on your challenge and requirements. You decide if you want:

  • To outsource the whole project to us
  • Us to manage the project, but with your team
  • Us to be a team member
  • A speaking partner in specific parts of the project
  • Access to our lab and production equipment

Case story: General Electrics