Sandvik Sancrêpe™ creping blade types

Sandvik Sancrêpe™ creping blades are available in two types, suitable for different types of fibers.

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Both types of Sandvik creping blades are characterized by little distortion, making them easily regrindable and fully productive when remounted. The optimal edge profiles without burrs mean the blade needs no honing of the edges before it is mounted in the tissue machine.

Sandvik Sancrêpe™ RP creping blade for virgin fibers

The Sandvik Sancrêpe™ RP creping blade is characterized by its durability and by giving high and consistent bulk quality.

Sandvik Sancrêpe™ EPS creping blade for all fibers

The Sandvik Sancrêpe™ EPS creping blade has excellent wear characteristics, resulting in a service life that is exceptional for a steel blade. Since it holds the same level of hardness as Sandvik Sancrêpe RP creping blades, no reprogramming of the paper machine is necessary when switching between the two types.

Product data for Sandvik Sancrêpe™ creping blades
Thickness 0.80-1.30 mm (0.031-0.050 in.)
Width 80-130 mm (3.14-5 in.)
Edge Edge 60-90º +/- 1º
Straightness 1.2 mm/3 m (0.047 in. / 10 in.)
Surface White polished surface
Delivery form Coil

Test results confirm longer lifetime

We let a number of tissue-making companies try Sandvik Sancrêpe™ creping blades over a period of time. The results were outstanding, underlining the productivity gains of the Sandvik Sancrêpe creping blades.
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