Hardening guide for knife steels

The way to the perfect knife

Sandvik's hardening guide provides detailed instructions for the hardening temperature that produces the very best results. We describe, for example, what happens in the material during the hardening process itself, purpose of hardening and lists hardening programs for different Sandvik knife steels together with graphs.

The 40 page handbook is available in our webshop.

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Sandvik knife steels

The Sandvik program includes knife steel for all types of knives. Our knife steel is used in, for example, kitchen knives, chef’s knives, fishermen’s knives, hunting knives, folding knives and different types of industrial knives. Every Sandvik knife steel has its benefits, ranging from excellent corrosion resistance to extreme hardness. The application determines the requirements of the knife.

Example from the handbook

14C28N piece hardening

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Available in webshop together with knife steel samples of different grades.

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