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Sandvik is extremely active in the field of corrosion, both wet and high temperature corrosion. We have huge experience from working intimately with our customers and their various applications.

Our way of working

Taking advantage of "Talk to an expert", you will first be asked to describe your problem or question as detailed as possible via a contact form. Your message will be directed to the most knowledgeable person in that specific area. You will then be contacted in order to schedule a 2 hour online or telephone meeting.

This service is intended to provide a quick answer or advice on a specific question. If further support or material tests are needed, it is of course possible to request a separate quotation for further work from us.

Examples of topics

There are a variety of possible problems or issues where a short discussion with an expert, might lead to surprisingly useful results or new ways forward. Some examples are:

  • Discussion around possible and adequate test methods for specific applications
  • Initial discussion regarding material section
  • General discussion regarding corrosion failures when a complete failure analysis is unnecessary
  • Second opinion on corrosion testing; what is being tested, how is the test performed and assessment of test results with regards to the specific application

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