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We have several experts within the area of welding stainless steel, all with slightly different core competences. Our stainless welding experts have long experience and access to knowledge, material and test data in both global networks and internal databases.

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Our way of working

In our service, Talk to an expert, you will first describe your problem or question as detailed as possible, via the contact form on our homepage. Your message will be redirected to the most knowledgeable person in that specific area. You will be contacted in order to schedule a 2 hour online or telephone meeting to provide support.

This service is intended to give you quick guidance in the right direction and advice on how to approach solving a stainless welding issue. If further support or material tests are needed, it is of course possible to request a separate quotation on further work from us.

Examples of topics

There are a variety of possible problems or issues where a short discussion with an expert might lead to surprisingly useful results or new ways forward. Some examples are:

  • Welding of stainless material not previously welded by you
  • Welding two different materials: choice of filler metal and precautions to be taken
  • Something has gone wrong in a welded construction. What are the consequences?
  • Discussions about possible improvements in existing processes
  • Questions about WPS's,
  • How to meet stainless welding standards, material testing and quality assurance.

Delivery resources and contact

We have one of the world's largest research and testing facilities for stainless steel located in Sandviken, Sweden. A part of this facility is the welding department and welding laboratory with welding engineers, welders and equipment for welding; TIG, orbital TIG, MIG/MAG, FCAW and SAW/ESW.