320 million feet. Zero Failures

Hyper-duplex leads the way. Our popular SAF 2507® super duplex is very good. But our new hyper-duplex stainless steel, SAF 3207 HD™ is even better when it comes to yield strength, corrosion resistance and fatigue properties.

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Yield strength

Hyper-duplex vs super-duplex

Here you see how our hyper-duplex achieves a 25% increase in yield strength, compared to super duplex. As a result, you can coil tubes into smaller reels with longer umbilical lengths, making more efficient use of the installation vessels. Thinner walls and lighter installations help you reach and operate ultra-deep wells that were previously too costly or too complex to exploit.

Our products for Oil and gas upstream

Sandvik is a market leader in stainless steel umbilical tubing and has supplied more than 100 million meters (320 million feet) of umbilical tubes to all major fabricators and oil companies over the last 20 years. Our umbilical tubes are used in all offshore regions.