High-performance tubular materials

Sandvik offers a broad program of high-performance tubular materials which contribute to improved productivity, reliability and cost efficiency in a wide range of applications. Examples are:

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Duplex stainless steels

Duplex steels are extremely resistant to corrosion and have exceptional mechanical strength. Our hyper-duplex steel SAF 2707™ HD, for example, can serve as an alternative to nickel alloys and high-alloy austenitic stainless steels in the most demanding applications.
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High-temperature stainless steels

Sandvik's materials for high-temperature environments contribute to prolonged tube life and/or more efficient processes in a wide range of applications. Our high-temperature tubes are used as, for example, recuperator tubes, lance tubes, muffle tubes, thermocouple protection tubes and in various types of boilers.
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Safurex™ is a highly corrosion resistant material especially developed for the Stamicarbon urea process. The grade is designed to enable an oxygen-less process that increases output and safety.
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Sandvik 2RE69

Sandvik 2RE69 ('25.22.2') is developed specifically for the most severe conditions in the urea production process.
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Sanicro® 28

Sanicro 28 is a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel designed for service in highly aggressive and corrosive environments.
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Sanmac® stainless steels

Sanmac® is a group of steels with excellent and consistent machining properties. Sanmac stainless steels contribute to increased cutting speeds as well as reduced tool wear and set-up times.
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Titanium and zirconium

Titanium and zirconium are suitable for environments and applications where the properties of stainless steels are not sufficient.
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