Nitric acid tubes

Tubes for nitric acid production in a range of grades including both austenitic and duplex stainless steels and a bimetallic solution which provides both high strength and extremely good corrosion resistance.

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Our grades for nitric acid service

Sandvik grade UNS EN no.
Sandvik 2RE10 S31002 1.4335 Austenitic stainless steel with excellent resistance to corrosion in nitric acid
Sandvik SAF 2906™ S32906 - High-alloy duplex with excellent corrosion resistance in caustic environments and environments with chlorides.
Sandvik SAF 2304® S32304 1.4362 High strength lean duplex with very good resistance to stress corrosion cracking
Sandvik 3R12 S30403 1.4306 1.4301 Austenitic stainless steel capable of handling nitric acid over a wide range of temperatures and concentrations

Sandvik's tube program for nitric acid includes imperial and metric sizes, from outside diameter 12 mm up to 40 mm (0.472 to 1.575 in.). Special sizes can be made to order. Lengths are supplied up to 30 meters, or as U-bent tubes. For details please contact us.

Bimetallic tubes: zirconium performance at a lower price

Corrosion in the re-boiling zone can decrease the efficiency and productivity of a shell and tube heat exchanger. Our solution is a bimetallic tube with an inner tube made of zirconium (Sandvik Zr-702), one of the most corrosion-resistant metals available. The zirconium inner tube is mechanically bonded to the outer tube, made of Sandvik 2RE10. The inner liner prevents corrosion while the outer tube provides strength and positive welding properties.

The bimetallic tube will also enable the use of a stainless steel tube plate or even re-tubing of an entire stainless steel heat exchanger. And since welding is purely stainless-to-stainless, no post weld heat treatment will be necessary.

For recommended welding consumables and information on welding techniques, please see the welding section in tube datasheets, or contact us.

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