Urea stripper tubes

Stripper tubes in advanced materials specially developed for the most critical parts of the urea process. Sandvik urea stripper tubes are acknowledged for their exceptional ability to resist corrosion in highly aggressive environments and their low life-cycle cost.

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Sandvik urea stripper tubes are primarily used in the Stamicarbon process but also in processes such as Urea Casale and Saipem.

A wide range of products for urea production

In addition to urea stripper tubes, the Sandvik program includes several other products for the high-pressure parts in urea production. Examples are:

  • Fittings and flanges
  • Plate
  • Round bar
  • Welding products
Urea stripper tube materials (other grades can be offered on request)
Material Description
Sandvik Safurex® Sandvik Safurex® is a patented, highly corrosion resistant material developed for the Stamicarbon process. It is designed to enable an oxygenless process that increases output and safety.
Sandvik 2RE69 Sandvik 2RE69 ("25.22.2") is developed specifically for the most severe conditions in the urea production process. It is a special high-alloy grade with a very low or zero ferrite content
Sandvik bimetallic tubing* Sandvik bimetallic tubing consists of an outer component of Sandvik 2RE69 and an inner component of Zirconium 702, resulting in superior corrosion resistance, strength and weldability.

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Case story

The exceptional performance of Sandvik 2RE69 tubes in German urea manufacturer SKW's CO2 strippers has resulted in a world record time of 36 years on-stream.

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If you are looking for ways to improve the service life of your equipment and establish a more efficient process, we can help you.
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