Covered electrodes

Sandvik’s welding consumables acquired by ESAB

Sandvik’s welding consumables business has been acquired by ESAB from February 1, 2018. Over the coming months ESAB will be integrating the Sandvik portfolio, to provide a smooth transition for customers. During the integration period, the full line of Sandvik welding products will continue to be accessible on this website, or via the ESAB website.

ESAB Website

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), or manual metal arc welding (MMA) is a slow but versatile welding method, and is therefore an important complement to other welding processes. We have a wide range of covered electrodes for welding stainless steels and nickel alloys.

SMAW is often the most suitable process for field installations and repair work. It is also the only welding method that can be used outdoors without taking special weld protective measures.
We have developed electrodes adapted for the base material and the electrodes are easy to weld and consistently ensure the desired weld properties, with excellent resistance to hot cracking.

Sandvik electrodes have predominantly rutile characteristics and rutile electrodes have high productivity with a minimum of repair work needed. They give stable arcs that are easy to strike, welds with a minimum of spatter and easy slag removal, and the welds have smooth transition to the base material.

Sandvik electrodes that are used in low temperatures applications, or with base materials that are more crack sensitive, such as pure austenitic stainless steel and nickel alloys, have more basic characteristics. These electrodes give cleaner weld metallurgy with low levels of non-metallic inclusions and impurities. Basic electrodes give a slightly convex bead shape and deeper penetration than rutile electrodes, though striking the arc and slag removal can be more difficult.

Welding handbook

Download our welding handbook as a PDF. This digital brochure is a collection of our public welding information and all the related datasheets.