Welding strip electrodes

Sandvik’s welding consumables acquired by ESAB

Sandvik’s welding consumables business has been acquired by ESAB from February 1, 2018. Over the coming months ESAB will be integrating the Sandvik portfolio, to provide a smooth transition for customers. During the integration period, the full line of Sandvik welding products will continue to be accessible on this website, or via the ESAB website.

ESAB Website

Sandvik has been a world leading company in corrosion resistant alloys for surfacing of carbon steels and low alloyed steels for more than 50 years. We have unique industrial experience ranging from nuclear power generation through the chemical and petrochemical industries to the oil & gas and metallurgical industries. The extensive product range of surfacing alloys consists of austenitic, duplex and super-duplex stainless steels, high alloy austenitic steels and nickel alloys.

Strip electrodes are used in electro-slag welding (ESW) and submerged arc welding (SAW). With a world leading metallurgy in our surfacing alloys, we have developed strip electrodes for controlled ferrite (±2 FN) and extremely low impurity levels. The properties are consistent and guarantee very high resistance to cracking and microfissuring in high alloyed austenitic steels and nickel alloys.

Sandvik strip electrodes have low carbon and high alloy content, therefore the desired properties in the weld metal can be achieved with non-alloying flux even when dilution is high. With non-alloying flux, extremely robust welding is possible with very high productivity levels. With ESW, extra low carbon (ELC) deposits can be attained in a single layer and with non-alloying fluxes extra high speed welding is also possible.

Welding handbook

Download our welding handbook as a PDF. This digital brochure is a collection of our public welding information and all the related datasheets.