Welding wire for cryogenic applications

For cryogenic applications, the chemical compositions in Sandvik's welding grades are optimized for Charpy-impact toughness and other characteristics which include:

  • Extremely low impurity levels to reduce the risk of hot-cracking
  • Controlled ferrite content for resistance to microfissuring
  • A balanced content of microelements for optimum arc stability and wetting characteristics
Grade groupAlloySandvik designationAWS
Solid wire Nickel Sanicro 60 NiCrMo-3
Nickel Sanicro 72HP NiCr-3
Stainless Sandvik 25.22.2.LMn N/A
Stainless Sandvik 20.25.5.LCu 385
Stainless Sandvik 19.12.3.L Cryo 316L
Stainless Sandvik 19.9.L Cryo 308L