EXERA™ Fine medical wire

Sandvik offers a comprehensive range of high-grade fine wires and wire based components under the brand name EXERA™ for applications in various fields of medical technology. We specialize in providing our expertise in selecting materials and configurations for use in medical applications such as vascular therapy, sensing and neurostimulation.

Our medical wires are offered in different grades of stainless steel, precious metals and a range of other alloys. A wide selection of coatings and surface treatments for electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, lubricity and other desired properties is available.


EXERA™ fine medical wire from Sandvik includes an extensive range of stainless steels, precious metals and other biocompatible alloys such as cobalt-chromium (CoCr) alloys.

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Product forms

We manufacture EXERA™ fine medical wire in various product forms and with a variety of surface finishes.

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Sandvik manufactures round wire products for use in dental and surgical applications in a wide range of stainless steel grades and dimensions.

Disclaimer: Sandvik is not providing any products or services that are intended or may be construed to be recommending or otherwise advising on, in any manner, the design, suitability, appropriateness or effectiveness, from a medical/biological/safety perspective, of any medical material, instrument and/or medical device.