Forms of supply

Sandvik manufactures EXERA™ fine medical wire in different product forms and these can be combined with a variety of surface finishes.

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Size range

Round wire sizes range from 0.010 to 10 mm (0.00039 to 0.394 in.), for most alloys. Other sizes available upon request.

Ribbon wire thickness ranges from 0.013 to 0.75 mm (0.0005 to 0.03 in) with aspect ratios up to 10:1. Larger aspect ratios up to 40:1 may also be available upon request.

Delivery forms

Sandvik's medical wire can be delivered in different forms, depending on size, material and end application. Some common delivery forms are:

Product forms

All alloys listed on the medical wire materials page can be provided in single-ended product form. The alloy or base metal material can be supplied with or without a polymer coating. Surface finishes can be modified with gold, nickel or silver plating or provided with an oxidized surface layer (when not a noble metal). These wires can be round, square or rectangular in shape. The mechanical properties can be modified through various heat treatments and cold reduction operations to meet the product specific requirements.

Single strand configurations can be joined into multi-filar or micro-ribbon cable arrangements. Strands are designed with high engineered precision and are used for applications which require multichannel signal, sensing or power generation. The multi-filar approach allows for easier assembly of the signal or power wires into the final medical device.

Single strand and multi-filar micro-cables can be manipulated into different cable configurations. The strands are formed by twisting and wrapping together multiple single ended wires or previously joined multifilar wires or cables to form a single entity. The individual single strands that comprise the multifilar cable can be bare or individually coated prior to cabling. The overall stranded cable can also be overcoated with a polymer or PTFE after the cabling operation. The range for single ended cable diameter is 0.018mm to 0.25 mm (0.0007 to 0.010 inches).

One example of cored EXERA™ medical wire consists of joining Sandvik F562 CoCrNiMo alloy shell (MP35N) and a secondary alloy as the core material. The core material in Sandvik cored wire is typically pure silver (Ag) to promote increased conductivity relative to solid Sandvik F562 (MP35N).

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Sandvik provides additional processing services such as anodizing, polymer coating, coiling, cutting to length, electroplating and lead finishing to help with design challenges that may be present with medical device design or fabrication.

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