Exera® Medical wire materials

Our EXERA® medical wire offering includes an extensive range of stainless steels, precious metals and other biocompatible alloys, such as cobalt-chromium (CoCr) alloys.

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Need to know more?

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Medical wire materials (other grades can be offered on request)

Sandvik grade UNS ASTM
Stainless steels
Sandvik 12R10 medical wire S30200 F899
Sandvik 11R51/11R51 HV/SH medical wire - 302 Mod.
Sandvik 12R10 HV medical wire S30400 '304V'*
Sandvik 5R10/2R25 medical wire S30400/S30403 304/304L
Sandvik 5R62/3R65 medical wire S31600/S31603 316/316L
Sandvik 316LVM medical wire S31673 F138
Sandvik High-N medical wire S31675 F1586
Sandvik SAF 2205™ SH medical wire S32205/S31803 -
Sandvik SAF 2205™ medical wire S32205/S31803 -
Sandvik 4C27A medical wire S42000 420F*
Sandvik 7C27 medical wire S42000 420*
Sandvik 1RK91 medical wire S46910 - *

* The grade meets ASTM F899.

Carbon steel (free-cutting steel)
Sandvik grade UNS ASTM
Sandvik 20AP medical wire - -
Sandvik Finemac - -
Precious metals
Type of alloy UNS ASTM
Platinum P04001 B561
Platinum Iridium P04010 B684
Platinum Tungsten - -
Platinum Clad Tantalum - -
Pure Gold P00001 F72
Gold-plated Copper - B488
Silver P07001 B413
CoCrMo (cobalt-chromium-molybdenum) alloys
Sandvik grade UNS ASTM
Sandvik F562 medical wire R30035 F562
Sandvik F562 LTi medical wire* R30035 F562

* Low titanium version of Sandvik F562

Sensor Alloys

Kanthal Resistance Alloys

Nikrothal 80
Nikrothal 60
Nikrothal 40
Nikrothal LX
Kanthal A-1
Kanthal AE
Kanthal AF
Kanthal D
Cuprothal 49
Cuprothal 30
Cuprothal 15
Cuprothal 10
Cuprothal 5
Nifethal 70
Nifethal 36

Disclaimer: Sandvik is not providing any products or services that are intended or may be construed to be recommending or otherwise advising on, in any manner, the design, suitability, appropriateness or effectiveness, from a medical/biological/safety perspective, of any medical material, instrument and/or medical device.