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In our Wire Source online shop at you can buy smaller quantities of our in-house produced and genuine Kanthal and Sandvik precision wire. Here you can find precision wire in a wide range of stainless steels and nickel alloys including resistance and resistance heating alloys used in medical and microelectronic devices.

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Wire-spools-Amazon.jpgHere you can order small quantities of genuine Sandvik and Kanthal wire. We ship internationally and you will find both price and freight costs directly at Amazon.

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For production quantities or customized products, please contact us for a quote.

Sandvik and Kanthal are trademarks owned by the Sandvik Group of companies. Products and services offered under these brands are recognized by customers both for their high quality and for being able to meet even the most demanding needs of heating, resistance application, and the environment from clients throughout the entire value chain.

We aim to help customers fulfill and exceed productivity and performance expectations. A top priority in doing so is customer safety. We are therefore dedicated to the prevention of the illegal sale and distribution of counterfeit products. We invest significant resources, working closely with global law enforcement, customs officials, and government agencies in taking criminal as well as civil actions.

To protect from counterfeit products and to ensure that products are genuine and safe, you should only purchase products directly from the Sandvik Group of companies or any of its authorized distributors and resellers. Any use of the SANDVIK or KANTHAL trademarks without prior written approval by Sandvik and Kanthal, respectively, may constitute counterfeiting, trademark infringement and/or unfair competition. While it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain whether a product is genuine or not, we strongly caution against purchasing any products whose appearance differ from the products you usually receive from your authorized distributor as well as extraordinarily low-priced products sold by unauthorized distributors or resellers.

Counterfeit products are not manufactured, packaged, labeled, stored, or shipped according to Sandvik and Kanthal superior quality standards and do not meet the rigorous safety testing that they invest in their products. Consequently, it is important to note that Sandvik and Kanthal cannot guarantee the intended and safe use of counterfeit products nor can they assume liability for any use of such products. To report counterfeit activity or products, including if you suspect that you have received counterfeit products, please send an inquiry to