Insulation coatings

We provide insulation coatings for temperatures up to 240°C (464°F). In addition to standard NEMA or JIS builds, we are capable of applying 'thin' and 'ultra-thin' builds of insulations. These builds are thinner than NEMA Type 1, but still meet the dielectric property and other requirements of NEMA Type 1.

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Insulation coatings

Sandvik designation Insulation type Thermal rating NEMA specification
Formvar Polyvinyl acetal 105°C (220°F) MW 15
Poly Polyurethane 155°C (310°F) MW 28, 70, 80 and MW 79 on smaller AWG sizes
Poly/Nylon Polyurethane with a polyamide top coat 155°C (310°F) MW 28, 80
Poly 180B Polyurethane 180°C (355°F) MW 82, 83
TRI-2-SOD Polyesterimide 180°C (355°F) MW 77
TRI-2-SOD/Nylon Polyesterimide with a polyamide top coat 180°C (355°F) MW 78
PolyClad THEIC modified polyester 200°C (390°F) MW 5
PolyClad/Nylon THEIC modified polyester with a polyamide top coat 200°C (390°F) MW 76
PolyClad/Aminide THEIC modified polyester with a polyamide.imide top coat 200°C (390°F) MW 35, 73
Aminide Polyamide-imide (also usable as a top coat) 220°C (430°F) MW 81
PAC-240 Aromatic polyimide (ML) 220°C (430°F) MW 16, 20, 71
FEP Florinated ethylene propylene
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene

PTFE coating can be applied to any medical grade in size range 0.025–0.762 mm (0.001–0.030 in.). Sandvik provides PTFE-coated wire with coating thickness from 0.00127 to 0.0127 mm (0.00005 to 0.0005 in.). Typical coloring of the PTFE coating is green, although clear finishes and other colors can be offered on request.