Sandvik Finemac™ free-cutting steel

Sandvik Finemac™ is an environmentally friendly, lead–free, free-cutting wire grade, which combines excellent machining properties with high hardness and good dimensional stability. This free-cutting high-carbon steel wire has been specially developed for fine-mechanical machining applications.

Importantly, the material offers a much wider hardening window than other grades and is, therefore, not sensitive to slower cooling rates. As a result, users can obtain more efficient furnace utilization through processing bigger batches of components and benefit from lower energy costs per kilo produced.

A preferred material

Sandvik Finemac™ has all the characteristics of a hardenable, free-cutting high-carbon steel such as 20AP, but with the important and additional benefit of being lead-free. It is ideally suited for producing long narrow components with tight tolerances. Sandvik Finemac™ also has excellent cold-heading properties.

Positive customer feedback confirms that in terms of machinability, tool durability and heat treatment, Sandvik Finemac™ free-cutting wire is now preferred to other carbon steel free-cutting wire.

Main characteristics of Sandvik Finemac™

  • Lead-free composition
  • Excellent machinability
  • High wear resistance
  • Tight and consistent tolerances
  • Wide temperature and time range during hardening

Typical applications for Sandvik Finemac™ free-cutting wire

  • ABS brake components
  • Precision instruments
  • Shafts
  • Test probes
  • Watch parts