Precision wire

Precision wire in a wide range of stainless steels and nickel alloys including resistance and resistance heating alloys. Sandvik's precision wire is available in sizes ranging down to 10 microns.

The precision wire is supplied in round or shaped form and is delivered with or without insulation and coating. Sandvik's precision wire is typically used in applications, such as:

  • Bonding wire
  • Computer disc drives
  • Electronic components
  • Heating applications like small heaters
  • Loudspeaker applications
  • Medical devices

Precision wire insulation and coating

Sandvik offers several types of coatings including PTFE coating and adhesive bondcoats for its precision wire, all available in multiple colors.

For insulation and bondable coatings of precision wire Sandvik uses a continuous 'flood coating' process. The 'flood coating' process gives the wire quality and performance benefits over other techniques applied for precision wire, as 'flood coating' guarantees a complete coating over the wire surface, which is both consistent and extremely tenacious.

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