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Sandvik Nuclear Tubes Extended to Reach 50-Year Service Life in Chinese Nuclear Power Plant

In May 2019, Qinshan Phase I–the First Nuclear Power plant in China–extended the lifetime of its reactor with Sandvik Alloy 800 nuclear tubes inside by 20 years to reach a total 50-year service life.


API-Q1 certificate for Sandvik Materials Technology, Sandviken, Sweden.

Areas of expertise

Sandvik’s operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology and extensive insight into industrial processes and applications. This combination has resulted in proven capabilities to optimize customer productivity.

Circular economy

We work on a daily basis to incorporate the principles of circular economy into our operations and our offerings. Moving away from the linear "take, make, dispose" concept, circular business models have a life cycle approach. Products are designed so that they can easily be reused,

Environmental footprint

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our business. We take the steps necessary to minimize our environmental footprint while also ensuring that these efforts create business benefits for our customers and ourselves. To achieve this, we continue to find innovative ways throughout

Product examples

We are committed to offering sustainable solutions to our customers, many of whom operate in segments with rigorous sustainability requirements.

Sustainable business

Sustainable steel - impacting the entire value chain We are convinced that, together with our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, we can shape a truly sustainable future.

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