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The art of machining stainless steel Austenitic and duplex stainless steels have properties that make them difficult to machine compared to carbon steels or ferritic and martensitic stainless steels. The greatest difference is their high ductility and tendency to work harden and form built-up

Online training

Online e-learning Online webinars Read more about our online courses at Materials Academy

Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems

Compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel source has been steadily increasing around the globe for more than a decade. Combustion engines using CNG emit fewer undesirable gases and particles and CNG is cheaper to use than both gasoline and diesel. Market price fluctuation for CNG is

Production facility manufacturer

SANDVIK 2RE10 Nitric Acid Fabricators Hear how we help you reduce risks and extend equipment lifetime in your nitric acid production, from Johan Wallin, Global Product Manager - Fertilizer products.

Nitric acid producers

SANDVIK 2RE10 Nitric Acid Producers Learn more about our risk reducing nitric acid range. Start by selecting the right grade

Nitric acid

Whether you’re refurbishing an older nitric acid plant or fabricating the process equipment to be used in one, selecting the right stainless steel tubing can be critical. High-quality tube with low impurities and optimized corrosion resistance will not only reduce downtime and extend your plant

Wire rod rolling

Stainless steel billets are hot rolled into wire rod, the starting material for all wire products. A square billet is heated to 1050°C before hot rolling and this elongates during hot rolling, which is a continuous process incorporating up to 30 steps.

Advanced ultra supercritical (AUSC) boilers

Technological advances tend to create a need for more advanced materials. And this is definitely the case where the development of Advanced Ultra Supercritical (AUSC) boilers is concerned.