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Material datasheet form

PRIVACY INFORMATION Sandvik will use the personal data you provided above to respond to your question or comment. Sandvik does this to fulfill our legitimate interest in providing you efficient service. Your personal data will be stored as long as necessary to meet the purpose set out above.

Developing materials for tomorrow’s compressors

Improved compressor technology plays a big part in the development of more energy-efficient refrigerators, air-conditioning units, brake systems and other products. Key components in the development are the compressor valves, where material and design go hand in hand. Call us fridge Compressor

Shaping the refrigerator of tomorrow

In the future, fridges will be radically different from what they are today. They’ll be smarter and will play a bigger role in consumers’ lives thanks to the Internet of Things. But what about their design and underlying technology – will there be changes to that as well? Sandvik spoke to

How it works

How a fridge works HARD-WORKING COMPRESSOR COMPRESSOR VALVE STEEL Used in The temperature in your fridge is controlled by a closed circuit in which a refrigerant flows through condenser coils, an expansion valve, evaporator coils and a compressor. Condenser coils The refrigerant enters the

The history of the refrigerator

Primitive times – 500 B.C. 1740s 1802 1830s 1834 1840s 1876 1913 1918 1927 1920s 1922 1930 1930s 1940s 1945 1950 1960 1970s 1980s 1990s-2000s 2017 and beyond Sources One of the earliest forms of refrigeration was called an ice house. These were commonly used to store ice


TIM©-FRIDGE TREE – INTERACTIVE – MODULAR – FRIDGE Hello TIM, what’s available for breakfast? A new era is here. The TIM© Fridge is a tree-inspired, modular refrigerator that can interact and look after you. Based on the latest robotics technology and unique energy-efficient refrigeration

Eleven years old, with a passion to win

<b>Name:</b> Judith Tibblin<br> <b>Age:</b> 11<br> <b>Family:</b> Mother, father and two sisters, Ester, 5 and Alida, 14 years old <br> <b>Lives in:</b> Forsbacka. Moves to South Korea in January<br> <b>Interests:</b>

Meet research engineer Tomas Forsman

<b>Name:</b> Tomas Forsman <br> <b>Career:</b> PhD in laser processing in Luleå University of Technology, work at KIMAB, a Swedish research institute in the corrosion and metals research area. <br><b>Years with Sandvik:</b> 10 Meet research engineer

Halfway through and a whole elephant lighter

Halfway through June 2016 brought the halfway mark in the bolt exchange that will help save the national treasure and world attraction Vasa — a royal warship that sank to the bottom of Stockholm’s harbor on its maiden voyage in 1628. Detailed evaluations of the renovation work so far show

Other demanding applications

Do you have very specific precision tubing needs? Are they extreme? If so, we may be able to help. Our high-precision unit in Werner works closely with demanding customers all over the world to tailor the seamless cold-formed precision tubes we manufacture for very specialized needs. Read more

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