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Online shopping

Buy small quantities of precision wire online at Amazon.com Buy small quantities of precision wire online at Amazon.com In our Wire Source online shop at amazon.com you can buy smaller quantities of our in-house produced and genuine Kanthal and Sandvik precision wire. Here you can find

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly effect We have used an analogy to show how a compressor valve, weighing not much more than a butterfly, can have an effect far greater than its small size and weight. The idea that a small change in conditions could create a very different outcome was first used by American

Urea production

Tubes for urea production The Sandvik program includes products for several parts of the urea production process. We are, for example, a leading supplier of tubular products for piping systems and the high-pressure parts of the urea process. Sandvik tubes are typically used in the following

More nitric acid with less risk

Whether you’re refurbishing an older nitric acid plant or fabricating the process equipment to be used in one, selecting the right stainless steel tubing can be critical. High-quality tube with low impurities and optimized corrosion resistance will not only reduce downtime and extend your plant

Nitric acid producers

Nitric acid production SANDVIK 2RE10 Nitric Acid Producers Learn more about our risk reducing nitric acid range. Start by selecting the right grade Quality safeguards productivity To maintain good profitability in today’s competitive nitric acid market, productivity needs to be carefully

Production facility manufacturer

Sandvik 2RE10 – The risk reducer in nitric acid production Nitric acid plant and equipment SANDVIK 2RE10 Nitric Acid Fabricators Hear how we help you reduce risks and extend equipment lifetime in your nitric acid production, from Johan Wallin, Global Product Manager - Fertilizer products. Start

Compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems

Compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative fuel source has been steadily increasing around the globe for more than a decade. Combustion engines using CNG emit fewer undesirable gases and particles and CNG is cheaper to use than both gasoline and diesel. Market price fluctuation for CNG is

Phosphoric acid production

We offer tubes in Sanicro® 28, a high-alloy austenitic stainless steel particularly suited for use in phosphoric acid production. Phosphate rock contains many impurities, such as chlorides and fluorides, which make phosphoric acid very corrosive to metals. The highly corrosion-resistant

Corrosion of lance tubes

We offer higher productivity and lower running costs by decreasing maintenance standstill and increasing the life cycle of lances. We offer different grades for different working environments, depending on the operating temperature and corrosion mechanism to which the lances are exposed. In a

Tubes for lime kiln lances

Pre-heated air is gathered from the cooling zone The pre-heated air is used to pressurize the middle, annular zone of the kiln Air spreading outward from the pressurized zone causes counter-current flow upwards, and co-current flow downwards This produces a long, relatively cool calcining zone

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