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Cochlear remediation

Sandvik provides medical grade wire-based components which act as electrodes and implants which are used to treat hearing disorders. The wires find their end-use in applications such as cochlear implants, middle ear implants, and bone conduction systems. Precious metals such as platinum-iridium

Vascular therapy

Sandvik offers an extensive range of wire for guidewires, catheter reinforcements and pacing leads which act as an integral part of medical devices used to treat cardiovascular, endovascular and peripheral vascular disorders.

Precision tubes

Stainless steel precision tubes available as thin wall tubes in seamless or welded redrawn condition or as seamless thick wall tubes.

A shorter value chain

Our product is a coated steel strip ready to be pressed into bipolar plates for fuel cells. The Sandvik coil-coating concept enables an industrial bipolar plate production process that shortens the entire value chain by eliminating the costly need for coating of individual plates. The principal


With growing demands on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly refrigerants, the pressure for compressor manufacturers to perform with quality is on. Withstanding higher loads, temperatures and frequencies in new models are among tomorrow’s compressor valve challenges, while valve

Semiconductor assembly equipment

Developing and producing equipment such as wire bonders for the assembly of semiconductors requires advanced knowledge and precision.

LEDs - medium and high brightness

What happens inside a medium or high brightness LED before the actual light effect appears in a traffic light or the rear-lights of a car, is built on technical innovation. For the process to work correctly and to achieve the greatest life expectancy, understanding and controlling your thermal

Wafer chucks

In the semiconductor wafer processing industry for electronic applications, a wafer chuck plays an integral part in supporting the wafer during processing.

Oil and gas knowledge center

White papers Browse whitepapers Ask an expert Ask our experts Here you’ll find topical white papers relating to the oil and gas industry. Do you have questions relating to material challenges? Just ask one of our R&D experts – we’re happy to help! Got a question about corrosion or welding?

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