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Competitiveness exists in innovations

Ultra-fine wire, thinner than a human hair At Sandvik, ultra-fine wire - thinner than a human hair - is manufactured. This is used in medical technology components that both save and improve people's lives - and contribute to more efficient healthcare. “It's easy to go to work when I think

Small Modular Reactors: The Next Big Thing in Nuclear

Small Modular Reactors: The Next Big Thing in Nuclear The next big thing in nuclear is actually quite small, comparatively. Since the beginning of nuclear power plants in the 1950s, the size of reactors has steadily grown from 60 MWe to more than 1600 MWe. However, over the last 15-20 years, a

Showing the world that driving with Hydrogen is a reality

Related links Sandvik fuel cell materials Stuttgart f-cell conference World Childhood Foundation <br> Sandvik was one of the sponsors in Impact Coatings’ participation in the 24-Hour Hydrogen Challenge on September 28-29. The competition took place in conjunction with the f-cell conference

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