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Easier welding and fabrication without Intergranular Corrosion

Read on to learn more as Magnus discusses how you can eliminate the risk of ICG in welding through material selection.

Sandvik has acquired Polyfil and Galvarex

Sandvik acquired Accuratech Group October 4th, 2021. Accuratech is is a consolidation of three (3) smaller entities; Polyfil AG, Galvarex S.A and Polyflex s.r.l. consisting of in total 52 employees.

Optimism on Show at Subsea Tieback 2021

Matthew Castillo discusses our participation at the recent Subsea Tieback forum and exhibition in Galveston, Texas.

A New Innovation in Austenitic Stainless Steel - UNS N08935

This on-demand webinar presents the results of general corrosion testing in some of the most common acids.

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