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Five Trends Paving the Road for Automotive

The automotive industry is continually evolving to meet changing social and environmental demands. There are increasing fuel system pressures to maximize performance in the fuel economy, while maintaining a higher level of social responsibility. Our materials experts recently attended the SAE

Sanicro® 276

Alloy C-276, Alloy C276, Ni6276, NiCrMo-4, N10276 Sanicro® 276 (UNS N10276) is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy suitable for service in a broad range of severe environments and is characterized by: Superior corrosion resistance in H2S, CO2 and chloride containing environments Excellent

Material datasheet form

PRIVACY INFORMATION Sandvik will use the personal data you provided above to respond to your question or comment. Sandvik does this to fulfill our legitimate interest in providing you efficient service. Your personal data will be stored as long as necessary to meet the purpose set out above.

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