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Meet Sanicro® 35

A new alloy. An all-round solution. A bridge to new opportunities.

Low-alloy arc furnace slag recycled into new products

Recycling and reusing products from our production is of great importance and in line with Sandvik's sustainability goals. One of these initiatives is the handling and recycling of slag from steelmaking, which has resulted in a 100% possible recycling of the electric arc furnace slag used in

Product development and prototyping service

Demands on materials are increasing in almost all industries, with requirements on lighter, stronger, cost-efficient, safer, or more environmentally friendly materials. It can often be a challenge to source the required component in a certain, less common grade.

Materials selection

Choosing the right material for components can be difficult if the application requires more than just a standard stainless steel. Today there are hundreds of stainless alloys to consider, along with other high-performance materials such as nickel alloys, titanium and zirconium. They all have

Alloy development

Are you running a project that includes alloys that are yet to leave the design table? Or do you want to optimize an existing material to meet your needs?

Geothermal Energy: Extreme Materials for Extreme Opportunities

At Sandvik, we are committed to using engineering and innovation for more sustainable business . We believe one of the many ways to pursue sustainability is through natural and renewable energy sources, such as geothermal energy .

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